We offer a unique range of small batch hot sauces handmade in Paekākāriki.

For us, it's not just about heat. Our hand picked chillies and perfectly balanced spices craft a deep, complex sauce that beautifully complements your meal - not overwhelm it with spice.

About us

Apostle Hot Sauce was conceived in 2018 following our move to Paekākāriki. Mat had been concocting delicious sauces for years, so in an attempt to get to know our community, we started selling them at our local market. With an overwhelmingly positive response from our new friends and neighbours we decided we had to do more. We have a strong passion for using local ingredients, the peppers we use are hand picked  and the Kawakawa leaves are from our own garden. We refuse to use any artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners, instead relying on fresh ingredients to create our vibrant range of sauces. 

Our beautiful labels were hand drawn by the remarkably talented and kindhearted Juju. We were so lucky to have her work with us so please check out her other amazing works here.

Heavily inspired by religious iconography and tarot cards we wanted each bottle and its contents to be considered as a work of art, a gift from our hearts to your mouth. 

Lydia & Mat 

I got a bottle of your sauce and you have made a convert of this family. The kids say have you added the Apostle sauce when I’m cooking they love it.

- Gavin

I have hot sauce with everything.
I always have. I’ve tried them all.

I was given a Saint Matthew the other day. It must be one of the greatest hot sauces of all time. You have to enter competitions....it’s outstanding!! Congrats, and I really wish you all the best!  I’m going to try all the others now too.

- Charlie

I bought a bottle of your Spicy Smoked Barbecue Sauce and the taste is sensational.  Am now looking forward to trying more of your products.
Great to have locals such as yourselves producing such an awesome tasting products.

- Elisabetta

Absolutely love your hot sauces - all of them. They are a ‘go to’ in my pantry. No favourites just love the brand. Packaging is great and so are the flavours.

- Nanette