At Apostle we consider the environment throughout all aspects of our business. We have incorporated the following practices into our business and continue to re-assess and look for oportunities to reduce our impact on the environment.

Firstly, we have a bottle return system. Our aim is to keep as many of our bottles out of the recycling system as possible. We have 27 return locations across the country from Invercargill to Whangarei. You can simply drop your clean, empty bottles off to one these locations and they will be sent back to us to be sanitised and refilled with delicious sauce time and time again. ⁠For a full list of locations please take a look at our locations page here.

Wherever possible we use locally sourced ingredients and do everything we can to create as little food waste as possible, any we do create such as chilli seeds and capsicum stalks, are composted by us.

We use locally sourced organic apple cider vinegar from Coral Tree Organics in Ōtaki and return the canisters this comes in to be refilled and reused.

All our products are in glass with paper labels including our tamper label and we ship all our online orders in plastic free packaging (cardboard boxes and home compostable courier bags.